Friday, February 4, 2011

JK Rowling Depression Cure Program

JK Rowling has become a common household name nowadays. Who doesn't know this author of the popular 'Harry Potter' series. But do you know that at one point, she was in a very difficult financial situation. She suffered from clinical depression at one stage. At one point she felt completely unable to believe that she could feel happy ever again!

She explains this period using the following words - "All the colour drained out of my life".

Look at where she is now.  The depression is completely gone. She is on top of the world currently. She describes her present state using these words - " I'm happier now than I’ve ever been in my life."

I agree that she has had so much success and acquired a lot of fame and wealth, so it must have been easy for her to come out of the depression. However, even common folks like us can take heart from her story. If she can come out of depression, so can you.

Some other famous people who suffered from depression at some point in their lives are - Boris Yeltsin, Harrison Ford, Princess Diana, Mark Roget, Jim Carrey, Winston Churchill and many others. These people didn't give up easily and fought hard against depression.

You too can overcome it. Show little bit of courage, resolve, persistence and patience. In the end, you may end up victorious.

Here is a program for overcoming depression. It is not the one used by JK Rowling (I don't know if she ever underwent any program for depression) - Overcoming Depression Program

There is no link between this depression program and JK Rowling. I just used this as the title of this article in order to serve as inspiration for you. It should serve to remind you that others have successfully overcome this disorder and also achieved great success. You too might be the lucky one, so don't despair.

Even if you don't enjoy as much success as JK Rowling, but if you can overcome depression, it should be a great success in itself. It would be time to rejoice. Here is the program link again - Depression Program

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